Before Your Event

Let us help you prepare for your virtual meeting, Webinar, MOOC, or virtual instructor-led training (VILT) event. We offer a full complement of services to make your event a success. From selecting the ideal virtual meeting software for your event, through training your staff to use that software to its fullest potential, to documenting an effective workflow for repeatability, we’re here to help. We can configure your meeting room and preparing your attendees so that they are ready to have the best experience possible.

Event Planning
Organizing an online event goes beyond selecting the right software and picking a date. Let us help you with the details and support you to plan a successful, stress-free event.
Platform Selection
Which is the best platform for your events now and in the future? Is it Adobe Connect, GoToMeeting / GoToWebinar, WebEx, or Google Hangouts / Hangouts On-Air?

  • Is this upcoming event a one-off or the start of a series?
  • Will you repeat the same presentation?
  • Do you need virtual breakout sessions?
  • What will you be sharing–video, audio, slides, downloadable files, hyperlinks, pre-recorded videos, all of the above?
  • How many attendees are you expecting?
  • How many speakers or facilitators will be presenting per session?
  • Do you want to setup usernames and passwords for attendees?

These–and other–questions need to be answered in order to select the best platform for your event and organization. We can help. Our experienced hosts–presenters themselves–have used all of the leading virtual meeting, Webinar, and online collaboration software. We know the pros and cons and unique features of each, and we can help you choose the right platform for you.

Room Configuration
Creating the right virtual atmosphere for your event is crucial. Let us help you configure the room(s) and layout(s) of your room to make sure that your speakers and audience have everything the need in view. We’ll properly configure your room’s user permissions, the audio bridge, bandwidth settings, and all the other tiny controls that have a big impact on the quality of your event.
Dry Run / Rehearsal Participation
Practice makes perfect in any just about any activity, but especially when presenting virtually to an audience. We also recommend speakers and hosts staff perform a live, full-event rehearsal or dry run one to three days before the actual event.

For speakers, such a test run gets lets them become comfortable with the virtual environment, and it lets them identify what sections and actions they want to control and which they want a host or moderator to perform. At the same time, a rehearsal teaches hosts their cues for performing different actions such as spotlighting attendee video feeds at proper times, switching layouts, activating polls, providing downloads, managing breakout sessions, and more. Technical issues that might arise during a live event will likely also appear during a dry run, giving hosts the opportunity to troubleshoot and repair the issues before your actual audiences ever see them. Simultaneously, speakers learn what can go wrong and how to move past or work around such issues with aplomb.

Properly written documentation in various forms is essential to two segments of effective online events: well-prepared presenters / facilitators and well-prepared attendees.

Speakers need well-written scripts that include action directions relative to the meeting room software. They usually need slides that work across an incredibly wide range of screen sizes used by attendees. Handouts may also be needed. If the event is repeatable, particularly if different speakers will deliver it, clear scripts and documentation are critical.

Hosts need to follow the same scripts as speakers, often with additional directives for their own actions.

Attendees need clear, concise instructions that explain the medium of the event, how to log-in, how to configure their computer microphone and speakers for VOIP (Voice Over IP, Internet audio), whether and how to use telephone audio, and more. They may also receive handouts and event programs.

As you can see, writing is still an important part of video and audio presentations that want to be a success. We can assist will all aspects of the documentation, scripting, and other writing involved. In addition to hundreds of articles, help files, and whitepapers, and dozens of technical books–many on the very virtual meeting and conferencing systems you will be using–our writers have written countless scripts, programs, handouts, and “Getting Ready” guides for all the major virtual meeting software. We can do the same for your event.

We can write, or provide editing and review of, any of the following types of documents:

  • Scripts for presenters / facilitators.
  • Scripts for hosts.
  • Programs for attendees.
  • Handouts writing and formatting for online distribution.
  • Slide preparation for online presentation.
  • Training manuals for using the online meeting system and established workflow.
  • Other technical writing and copywriting.
As powerful as the leading virtual meeting platforms are, many presenters and facilitators never realize the full potential of what Adobe Connect, GoToMeeting / GoToWebinar, WebEx, or Google Hangouts / Hangouts On-Air can do for them and their audiences. These systems are powerful, but they’re anything but intuitive.

Our trainers know these systems inside and out. The trainers are themselves hosts and presenters, and they use the systems daily. They can train you and your staff to proficient, stress-free mastery of any of these major virtual presence systems–either on-site at your offices are in virtual instructor-led training (VILT) using the very software you need to learn.

Pre-Event Attendee Support
Preparing attendees for your event is the single most important pre-event consideration. Ninety percent of technical issues in live online events occur because of attendees’ computer environments. Giving attendees prior instructions and best practices can dramatically improve the experience for all involved. And relieve you of liability for the occasional attendee who disregards the advice and subsequently experiences technical difficulties.

With our vast experience providing logistical and technical support in all the leading virtual meeting, Webinar, and VILT systems, we know what can go wrong, what causes things to go wrong, and how to write clear, concise instructions that prepare attendees for the best possible experience.

Let us prepare them with email instructions, a test room for them to connect to prior to the event, and direct e-mail and/or telephone support in the days leading up to your online event. The payoff will be better prepared, more satisfied attendees with fewer technical issues to impact others attendees’ satisfaction with your event.

EventBrite Configuration & Maintenance
We can assist with the promotion of your event by creating and maintaining your online event’s EventBrite page. This includes creating and managing tickets, creation and scheduling of required EventBrite emails to ticket buyers, page content development, payment systems integration, positioning your event within the EventBrite catalog and community, configuring EventBrite widgets for your Website, and all the other tasks needed to create and maintain an effective EventBrite presence for your event. EventBrite page design services are available.