After Your Event

Effective follow-through on a successful virtual event is critical to the overall perceived success of an event as well as to the marketability of future events. Even when the screens are closed, your event can continue generating value and satisfaction for your attendees, as well as be repackaged into additional salable products.

Here, too, we can help, providing you, your staff, and your attendees with all the information and services needed to make a good event into a great event.

Recording Post-Production
Post-production is an important part of producing high-quality recordings. What slips by unnoticed live–pops and scratches, stutters and distracting “ums”, false starts and skipped slides–becomes glaringly obvious in a recording. We can go all the way to reshoots and pickups to fix big problems, but you’d be astounded at how much our talented and experienced audio and video editors can improve recordings without the need for presenter do-overs.
Media Mastering
We can prepare your audio and/or video recordings for distribution in any medium from download to YouTube, USB to DVD. We don’t directly provide media duplication, but can certainly help you find a vendor to bulk produce CDs, DVDs, and other media.
Synchronization of Audio Recording to Slideshow
Many virtual meetings, Webinars, and other online events center around a slide deck as the main visuals, with the presenter or facilitator explaining and elaborating on the content of each slide. Providing a simple video recording of such an event is not always the most useful format for attendees or later, recording-only customers. Instead, consider distributing the slides with synchronized audio for self-paced education. We can section the audio track of your event’s recording and align the sections with their relevant slides so that, as a viewer moves between slides–forward or back–the corresponding audio is heard.

This is an excellent way of re-packaging a live event as a salable content product!

Transcription of event recordings is useful for many, many purposes such as for easier reference, long-term archival, and to provide access to the event content for the hearing impaired (Section 508 Compliance), which may be required of your organization depending upon its size, location, and type.
Language Translation
Maximize your markets by providing multilingual recordings and transcriptions. Through our network of translators we can translate the audio and/or transcription of your event’s recording into nearly any language.
Manage Reviews
It’s crucial following an event to knowing which aspects of your event attendees found the most and least helpful, engaging, and relevant–and to know demographic data about those attendees. We can help you craft concise, informative post-attendee surveys that return valuable information. We can also help you distribute, receive, compile, and analyze those surveys.
Documentation Development
Whether you want to distribute handouts or produce entire courseware based on your live event, we stand ready to help you at any level. We can advise your writers, editors, layout artists, and production personnel, or we can be your writers, editors, layout artists, and production personnel, crafting letter-perfect materials for distribution in print, Web, PDF, ebook, DPS, or mobile.