GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar

GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar Virtual Conferencing and Webinar Software

GoToMeeting is optimized for online meetings while the next step up, GoToWebinar, is built for Webinars and virtual instructor-led training (VILT). Both offer video conferencing with audio over VOIP or telephone, chat, and screensharing. GoToWebinar adds the customary attendee registration including a self-service registration option, granular screen-sharing by application, polls, Q&A, and reports.

GoToMeeting Services Offered

As with all major online meeting, Webinar, and virtual instructor-led training platforms, we offer…

  • GoToMeeting training
  • GoToMeeting hosting
  • GoToMeeting moderating
  • GoToMeeting documentation
  • GoToMeeting room configuration
  • GoToMeeting recording
  • GoToMeeting recording post-production and mastering
  • GoToMeeting transcription
  • GoToWebinar training
  • GoToWebinar hosting
  • GoToWebinar moderating
  • GoToWebinar documentation
  • GoToWebinar room configuration
  • GoToWebinar recording
  • GoToWebinar recording post-production and mastering
  • GoToWebinar transcription
  • and other services.

See our Pre-Event services page for general and GoToMeeting-specific services we can provide before your event.

Visit our During Event services page to see how we can support you and your attendees during GoToMeeting broadcast events.

See our Post-Event services page to see how we can help you ensure your attendees’ satisfaction with your event and generate additional after-event revenue from your live event.

Visit the official Citrix GoToMeeting site or official GoToWebinar site for more information on the platform.