Google Hangouts and Hangouts On-Air

Google Hangouts / Google+ Hangouts Virtual Conferencing and Webinar Software

Although a newcomer to the field, Google Hangouts (aka Google+ Hangouts, Google Hangouts On-Air) is a powerhouse online meeting, Webinar, and virtual instructor-led training (VILT) platform with a rapidly expanding feature list. Google Hangouts was initially positioned as a personal group video calling rival to Microsoft’s Skype–thus the friendly “Hangouts” moniker. Don’t let that fool you; Google Hangouts is professional-grade, with a number of features other systems can’t match.

It’s important to note that Hangouts currently lacks some of the more common tools in virtual meeting, Webinar, and VILT systems. You won’t find integrated whiteboard or poll/questionnaire systems, for instance. Instead, Hangouts focuses on interaction via video and chat backed up by screen sharing and real-time document collaboration.

Before you write off Hangouts, take a look at its unique strengths. Hangouts is the closest thing there is to on-the-fly creation of television news style broadcasting. With advanced and unique features like lower-thirds (those little identifying tags beneath people during interviews and broadcasts), control booth-style video feed switching controls, and a $0 cost to broadcast live to millions of people (that’s the “On Air” part of Google Hangouts On-Air), there’s a lot of commercial power built into Hangouts.

Google Hangouts Services Offered

As with all major online meeting, Webinar, and virtual instructor-led training platforms, we offer…

  • Google Hangouts training
  • Google Hangouts hosting
  • Google Hangouts moderating
  • Google Hangouts documentation
  • Google Hangouts room configuration
  • Google Hangouts recording
  • Google Hangouts recording post-production and mastering
  • Google Hangouts transcription
  • and other services.

See our Pre-Event services page for general and Google Hangouts-specific services we can provide before your event.

Visit our During Event services page to see how we can support you and your attendees during Google Hangouts broadcast events.

See our Post-Event services page to see how we can help you ensure your attendees’ satisfaction with your event and generate additional after-event revenue from your live event.

Visit the official Google Hangouts site for more information on the platform.