During Your Event

The day of your event it’s absolutely crucial that you have an experienced, adaptive team supporting your event, your presenters, and your attendees. The most successful online meetings, Webinars, and virtual instructor-led training (VILT) events are those that free presenters to focus on the materials, the discussion, and on driving audience satisfaction, leaving the technical, logistical, and behind-the-scenes work to experienced behind-the-scenes professional hosts and moderators.

Let us support and enable your presenters and facilitators–let us make them shine like the stars they are–with host, moderator, integration, and technical support services.

Attendee Check-in
Hosts can check-in ticketed or invited attendees–including late-comers and early-exiters–to ensure an accurate head count.
Master of Ceremonies
As presenters themselves, our hosts can be called upon to enhance the professional atmosphere of your event by providing M.C. duties such as giving formal speaker introductions, greeting attendees as they arrive, calling breaks and intermissions, and reading pre-show and post-show messages and reminders. Hosts will be audio-only or may appear professionally attired on camera, as you prefer.
Hosting and Attendee Support
  • “My screen just froze.”
  • “Am I supposed to be hearing something?”
  • “How do I download that file the speaker mentioned?”
  • “What do I push to ask a question?”
  • “Why is my browser asking me to install a plugin?”
  • “Why are my speakers echoing?”

These are just a few of the questions our hosts field during an average online event.

These are the same questions that stop presentations cold without a host working in the background.

No matter good the presentation software and system you’re using, no matter how practiced the presenter, no matter how well prepared you’ve tried to make your attendees, virtual meetings are still accomplished by connecting software running on computer hardware and communicating with real-time video and audio feeds through multiple Internet connections. Things can and do go wrong with software, with hardware, and with Internet connections, especially, it seems, when you really need them to work perfectly.

When something goes wrong, you don’t want your presenter or facilitator stopping the presentation or activities to troubleshoot a technical problem. What you do want is an experienced, professional host who will calmly and efficiently deal with the problem while minimizing–and completely hiding, if possible–the impact of the problem on the presenter and the other attendees.

Our hosts take the burden of dealing with technical issues and attendee computer configurations off of presenters by providing technical support to attendees during and, optionally, before the event via in-event chat as well through e-mail and, when warranted, via the telephone.

Presenter / Facilitator Assistance
Our hosts also work to make presenters or facilitators look shine as brightly as possible. We do that by taking on any technical or logistical actions the speaker needs to offload. With Adobe Connect, for instance, hosts are often asked to change layouts, clear attendee statuses after the speaker asks for visual feedback, open and close pods and pieces of content, enable and disable attendee microphones or cameras, upload or send out files to attendees, and a myriad of other tasks that would otherwise distract the speaker from directly engaging with the audience.

Some speakers prefer to drive, handling many of the in-event logistics; others prefer to be totally hands-off, leaving even tasks like advancing slides and compiling response answers to hosts. Whatever your comfort level, our hosts are ready to back you up and help you shine.

Social Media Integration
For public or large group virtual events, the impact of the event can be magnified significantly by incorporating social media. We can help you evaluate if social media integration is right for your event. If it is, we can help in a number of ways:

  • Creation of appropriate hashtags, including researching any prior, possibly unwanted associations to selected hashtags.
  • Live moderation of social media discussion around your event.
  • Delivering questions asked via social media to the correct presenters and facilitators.
  • Seeding questions and discussion around your event and/or hashtag from our own social media accounts.
  • Recording social media interactions for post-event use in handouts, courseware, your Website, and elsewhere.
  • Depending on the broadcast or meeting platform you use, we might even be able to more directly integrate social media interaction into the event.
Event Recording
Recording live online events almost always proves to be a valuable decision. Event recordings can be repackaged as additional products, rebroadcast at different times and in different mediums, provided to attendees as a value added benefit of attending live, offered as a consolation to those who couldn’t attend live, used internally for review and coaching, and archived for posterity. Unless you have a compelling reason not to, we always advise recording events.

We offer full recording of events, regardless of the meeting system used, and can even provide redundant recording via multiple systems and multiple points on the map for maximum security.

Once your event is recorded, we can, of course, help you make the very best quality and use of it.

Q&A Documentation
The questions asked by attendees is often of tremendous value. We can capture those questions–and their answers–as they happen and provide them to you in a report following the event.