Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect Virtual Conferencing and Webinar Software

Combining all the features of a fully modern Web and mobile meeting system with some of the best aspects of an eLearning system, Adobe Connect is a feature-rich platform for online meetings, Webinars, and virtual instructor-led training (VILT). It offers all the usual features–slideshows, screen sharing, whiteboards, file downloads, polls, breakout sessions, and VOIP and telephone audio bridge.

It also offers features unique in its class.

Foremost is fully customizable and reusable layouts. Layouts are arrangements of features and sections such as slide or sharing areas, whiteboards, chats, poll questions, and so on. Connect calls each section a “pod,” and pods are can be resized and rearranged by hosts and presenters at will to create the perfect presentation environment. With the ability to have an unlimited number of layouts one click away, Connect gives presenters the ability to create the perfect presentation environment from minute to minute, changing the environment to suit the presenter’s and audience’s needs at various points in the presentation.

Another unique feature of Connect is in its recording abilities, which are more like an eLearning system than a videoconferencer. While most systems will record meetings as standard video–basically a simple screen capture–Connect records the environment into not simple video but a fully interactive moment in time. Within a Connect recording, viewers can at any time download files from download pods and even scroll through chat pods–all exactly like the live event.

Connect’s unique recording ability is difficult to describe but its power in post-event attendee participation is obvious once you try it. We would be happy to demonstrate using one of our Connect rooms while we help you decide on the best system for your needs.

Adobe Connect Services Offered

As with all major online meeting, Webinar, and virtual instructor-led training platforms, we offer…

  • Adobe Connect training
  • Adobe Connect hosting
  • Adobe Connect moderating
  • Adobe Connect documentation
  • Adobe Connect room configuration
  • Adobe Connect recording
  • Adobe Connect recording post-production and mastering
  • Adobe Connect transcription
  • and other services.

See our Pre-Event services page for general and Adobe Connect-specific services we can provide before your event.

Visit our During Event services page to see how we can support you and your attendees during Adobe Connect broadcast events.

See our Post-Event services page to see how we can help you ensure your attendees’ satisfaction with your event and generate additional after-event revenue from your live event.

Visit the official Adobe Connect site for more information on the platform.